Introduction of Pengzu Park

In the south suburb of Xuzhou, a city well known for its historical and cultural heritage, there is a large park between green hills and clear water. Songs of birds, scent of flowers and play of animals in lush trees make up the diverse scenery of the park. This is Pengzu Park, a convergence of essence of the Pengzu culture that can be traced back to over 4000 years ago.

No. 1 Integral park in Huaihai Economic Region

The Pengzu Park is located in south suburb of Xuzhou City, covering an area of 520 mu. In 1976 when the park was initially taken into construction plan, it was once called “South Suburb Park”. Considering the historical records and legendary stories that this area is where Dapengshi State was founded in ancient Xuzhou and the leader of the ancient state Pengzu had chosen this place to study the way to keep in good health and pray for a long life, the South Suburb Park was renamed as Pengzu Park in 1984 when the park was expended, to indicate the long history of Xuzhou and promote and develop the Pengzu culture.

The largest of its kind in Huaihai Economic Region, Pengzu Park was delicately arranged to be surrounded with hills and girdled with water. Tranquil and beautiful, it is an integration of natural beauty and human scenes, animals and plants. The total garden area is divided into five thematic scenic blocks. They are Pengzu Culture, Flowering Cherry Garden, Longevity Lake, Zoo and Amusement Park. In November 2004, the Pengzu Park was chosen as one of the “Eight New Scenic Spots of Xuzhou”.

Pengzu Culture Area

Xuzhou was called Pengcheng in ancient time. It grew out of the Dapengshi State founded by Pengzu some 4300 years ago. Far as in the distant past, Pengzu came here with his people of the Dapengshi State. They lived and multiplied on this land and made it a place of studying and practicing way of keeping in fit in an attempt to live a longer life. There are two hills located in the northern and southern parts of the Pengzu Park respectively. One is called the Longevity Hill; the other is called the Happiness Hill. They are where the people of Dapengshi State prayed for longevity and happiness in remote antiquity. Tradition has it that the area where the Pengzu Park is situated now was of great interest to Pengzu when he founded the Dapengshi State. Pengzu found that the area was a good place to extract qi or vital energy from the nature to keep fit. Therefore he built the two hills according to the hemispherical dome cosmology and natural formation of the hill body to exercise qigong with hand movements. There are various scenes in this area concentrating on the development of Pengzu culture, such as bluestone memorial archway for Dapengshi State, Happiness and Longevity Square, Pengzu Temple, Sacrificial Site, Dapeng Pavilion, Sacrificial Hall, Pengzu Statue, Pengzu Well, Eight Immortals’ Stone Statue Garden, Happiness and Longevity Hills, Pavilion of Happiness Prayer, Nine-Dragon Wall, Rock Carvings, Spring Garden, Plum Blossom Garden and Land of Beauty Archway. The architectural works in the park gives a simple, elegant, and powerful style that demonstrates rich accumulation of culture and splendid culture of Pengcheng in ancient time.

Zoo Area

The zoo is located in northern part of Pengzu Park covering an area of 110 mu. It is the second largest zoo following Nanjing Zoo in Jiangsu Province. There are 81 species of animals in more than 30 breeding cages, houses and sites of different type and style. Rare animal species include northeast china tiger, red-crowned crane, Australian black swan, kangaroo and emu. The present number of these rare animal species has reached 800. Xuzhou Zoo is the leader in Jiangsu Province in applying artificial reproduction technology to the reproduction of the northeast china tiger and African lion, as well as to the breeding of their cubs. The zoo is becoming a major attraction for the tourists in Huaihai Economic Region. Animal shows and animal performances are held in the zoo on holidays. Humorous animal performance encourages visitors to communicate with the animal and such animal friendly performance is an attractive scene of the garden.

Xuzhou Amusement Park

Construction of the amusement park was started at the end of 1992. It is a project covering an area of over 80 mu and with investment of RMB 20 million. Over 30 types of amusement items have been introduced and developed after the completion of the project. Among these items are Crazy Mouse, Sky wheel, Merry Go Round, Dodgem, Flume Ride, Pirate Ship and Flying Tower, etc. the modern amusement way has enjoyed wide popularity among visitors from local area and adjacent regions.

Flowering Cherry Garden

The Flowering Cherry Garden is in the northern part of the park covering an area of 50-plus mu and including 2000 cherry trees of different varieties. In 1992 when Handa of Japan and Xuzhou became sister cities, the mayors of the two cities, together with some citizens from the two cities, joined hands to plant the cherry trees that symbolizes friendship between China and Japan. Since 1993, The Pengzu Park management has spent RMB over one million expanding the cherry grove area and improve the sightseeing spots and facilities in the area. They built the Friendship Memorial Tablet, Memorial Tree Square, Cherry Enjoyment Pavilion, Traveler’s Calligraphy Stele and Cloud Pavilion. They also completed the visitor’s walk, improved the ground vegetation and added ornamental plants to make the area the biggest cherry grove of the Huaihai Economic Region. From late March to mid April every year, flowering cherry blossom can be seen everywhere like clouds. The Flowering Cherry Art Festival has further attracted visitors at home and abroad, since the year 2000, to come here for sightseeing.

Longevity Lake

The Longevity Lake is to the west of the Happiness Hill. The water surface is 23 mu. Spring water gushes out from under the lake all the year round. Many scenic spots are to be explored by visitors: The elegant and impressive Land of Beauty Archway stands magnificently in the lake area; the Rainbow Bridge goes all the way across the lake; The Dragon-shaped stone boat rests quietly in water; the Waterside Pavilion and Caldron watching Bridge provide you with a green hill view, and many other spots like Jade Canal and Cloud Pavilion as well as relics of Pengzu culture, etc. Calligraphy by famous calligraphers such as Shen Peng, Xiao Xian and Zhao Puchu can be seen around the area. The entire area is characterized by its green hill, clear water and tranquil environment. Natural scenery and human works are so integrated to add beauty to each other, making the area a good place to relax, entertain and enjoy the landscape.
Workers of Pengzu Park warmly welcome visitors. They are committed to provide the visitors with quality service.

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